What is RapidCoinSpace?

RCS is a quantum hybrid innovation of decentralized combination of ecurrency and digital currency incorporating the best advanced technologies and satisfies the needs of all market players to the best advantage of its users due to a number of innovations, but at the same time has such important qualities as decentralization and anonymity. To maintain its independent status RCS build his own environment base to its unique community based Quantum Hybrid Public Ledger. RCS is not any how nor connected to any third party, blockchain or physical company RCS is totally new approach in digital money using ECO Friendly features. Sophisticated versatile and reliable underlying network for transactions is decentralized of full nodes. Using RCS quantum hybrid network you are limitless to your access to bank funds and be a walking ATM machine. Set and Go process of RCS POFS gives you Freedom to live truly a Free world anytime anywhere. Proof of FREE Space is better distributed anywhere in the world building legacy. Time has shown that the way of mining RapidCoinSpace is decentralized and total anonymity by design. This quantum cipher currency is evenly distributed after few years of mining and trading.

Who created the RCS platform?, Who controls the RCS program and connections?

RapidCoinSpace is invented and formulated by Hideyoshi Daiki, RCS was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Hideyoshi Daiki and released as an all new form of Electronic Digital Currency with Innovative Quantum Hybrid approach. RCS are created as a reward for a process known as Eco Friendly form of Mining Proof of FREE Space (POFS). Nobody owns the RCS program, network, connections just as no one can own a quantum hybrid web public ledger network or the Internet technology. RCS is controlled by all users or community participating in financial transactions as their personal web electronic wallet. You as a user owns your own wallet and no third party can access it unless you give your permission to them making its unique tagline exclusive for you "Your Bank is You". It is decentralized and RCS developers can only improve and innovate the program/s, software/s and its related technical aspects.

Is RCS have any product or it is run by a company?

RCS is not a company nor have any products. RCS is a pure literal E-wallet like any other electronic digital wallets available worldwide. Not comparable to them RCS has unique features and functions that any wallet cant make and best part RCS has its own unique simplified way of rebates,point system and reward system under Quantum Hybrid System.

How many accounts can I register?

You can only register one account under your name. Likewise, it is forbidden to run several accounts in one household. If our relevant departments are tracked that you have created more than one account, we will permanently lock your personal account. Making an account to your family or friends is only valid upon successfully submission of KYC verifications. Dont worry we give notice to those accounts that are double or multiple.

Is RCS listed in blockchain, coinmarketcap or any exchange entity?

No, RCS is not any how listed to the said portals since RCS have its own archipielago and its own world. RCS is independent type of statute that can move thru the help of its own Quantum Hybrid Nodes and Cloud Cosmopolitan. Its connection to the Quantum Hybrid Public Ledger giving RCS the power to let those users access their wallet anywhere in the world without any centralized connections to any authorities or government and alike.

Is RCS legal?

RCS is of interest to law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, and legal regulators, all of which are trying to understand how the hybrid ciphercurrency fits into existing frameworks. The legality of your RCS activities will depend on who you are, where you live, and what you are doing with it.

What is the total RCS available in circulation?

RCS has total of 100 Billion total Coin Supply available which is divided to the following:

a. 40% to Crowdsale

b. 20% Mineable

c. 10% to founding/pioneering entities

d. 20% as Project Reserve

e. 10% to bounties and promotions

Of which distribution of 10% bounties/promotions is divided as below

5% for referrals cashouts

3% for airdrop

2% to bounties

What gives value to RCS?

Currency is used as a store of value, which makes saving, investing and banking easier. Some currencies, like gold, have value because they are useful as a commodity. Government fiat currencies, like the U.S. dollar, have value because governments grant them legal tender status and only accept taxes through them. Same as RCS, RCS have value from some important factors thru its users, community, group, merchants, traders, buyers and sellers that uses it.

How do you get RCS for free?

Grab one from any available Merchants, Bounties, Tasks or Faucets available in your location or country.

Can you exchange RCS for cash?

As soon as someone places a matching buy order (exchange,trade,bid or dashboard withdraw), the exchange will complete the transaction. The currency will then be credited to your account. The downside that accompanies this ease of use is that, if you are selling RCS for fiat currencies, you will need to withdraw those funds to your bank which somehow cover some charge in the receiving portals such us remittances,exchangers,banks etc.

What are the RCS Advantages?

The main RCS advantages are as follows:

Multi-level security system

High degree of account protection

Full accessibility and access

Open Quantum Hybrid Public Ledger

Quantum Hybrid Lightning Network

Instantaneous speed of transactions

Easy registration

Proof of Free Space (POFS)

RapidCoinSPace Quantum Hybrid Plots for Mining

Cipher Quantum Chaining Technology

Open Source Cipher Token Making Generation

Multi Currency E-Wallet

Unique Total Adaptability

Unique Total Exchangeability

Unique Total Tradability

Total Convertibility

What is the difference of RCS to other Digital Money, Cryptocurrency or Altcoins?

RCS is not a typical digital currency or cyrptocurrency alone. RCS is a combination of all of this kind of digital currencies available naming itself a Hybrid type of Electronic Coin combining both Ecurrency and Cryptocurrency.

What is a multi-currency E-wallet?

Multi-currency E-wallet support all popular Electronic and Digital currencies that are usable and adaptable, give the user the ability to select the desired currency, Transfers between the currencies inside the storage or your own wallet.

How to get started with RCS?

In order to get started with RCS, you need a wallet SignUp and complete the required informations, You must read all terms of use, privacy policies, disclaimer, articles, updates and its white paper.

How to Fund my Wallet in RCS?

You can Fund your wallet thru any available portal of cashin or exchange. As of this moment Cashins are availabe thru PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Any of your valid or trusted Exchanger available in your Country or State.

Can you buy RCS with cash?

You can buy RCS from either exchanges, merchants, or directly from other people via marketplaces. You can pay for them in a variety of ways, ranging from hard cash to credit and debit cards to wire transfers, or even with other cryptocurrencies, depending on who you are buying them from and where you live. Just be sure that your personal exchangers are trusted and reliable.

How can make profit using RCS?

RCS is not an investment platform or any similar network marketing forms it is a Pure E-wallet that activates the Quantum Hybrid System that gives rebates or points for the connections of Serial Numbers which gives the wallet owner the opportunity to receive rewards thru Serial Number connections. RCS balanced plans allows each and member to maximize their wallet funding or balance grow, effectively using their business skills thru trading, exchange and value future appreciation.

How to withdraw from RCS?

RCS withdrawals have a flat charge of $1 for RCS USD wallets and 1RCS for RCS Coins Wallet transactions this applies to any amount you send within the RCS to RCS accounts available. This is considered super low charge based in ECurrency statistics. Additional Charges may vary depending to your receiving portals. RCS has a unique feature that it gives rebates or shock absorb the market volatility outside its system.

Can you sell your RCS for cash?

Sell RCS for Cash. Services like PerfectMoney, Bitcoins, Ethereum or any related Online Currencies can help you accept cash payments for RCS online. You create a sell order on one of the sites. Once a buyer accepts your offer, they are given your bank account the details. Another way to make your RCS to be Cash is to withdraw it from your Wallet Dashboard following some terms of withdraw or simply find a legit trusted exchanger in your are or country and you can sell your RCS to them atleast lower the market value or based to their terms.

Can I transfer RCS to my bank account?

RCS can not be withdrawn into a bank account directly. 1.) You can either sell them to somebody who then transfers money to your bank account, 2.) or you can sell them at an exchange and withdraw the funds from there. The first method may be quicker to set up but is a bit more risky so its up to you to select your own terms or setup between your mutual agreement.

What gives value to Bitcoin?

Currency is used as a store of value, which makes saving, investing and banking easier. Some currencies, like gold, have value because they are useful as a commodity. Government fiat currencies, like the U.S. dollar, have value because governments grant them legal tender status and only accept taxes through them.

Some of Rebates/Points or Rewards received by the Wallet users are the following:

a.) Present Value = this can be receive thru merchants, exchange, affiliates system, Trader ID account, Mining, Buy and Sell RCS Coins, Faucets, Bounties, Netrepreneur features.

b.) Future Value = Holding and becoming a stake holder of RCS Coins, waiting for its growth of the COin/Token in the market.

c.) Quantum Hybrid System = thru Building your affiliate groups or community. Received rewards,points,rebates summing up to $4 to $12 continuosly to infinity thru your built community.

What determines the value of the RCS? Can it be depreciated?

The price of RCS is determined by the demand and supply. When demand increases, so does the price, and when demand falls, price decrease as well. But unlike other token,coins or ecurrency RCS maintain its lowest calculated risk due to its unique standing in the market using Eco and User Friendly community family based approach. RCS mainly focus in its value and community growth.

Why do RCS fluctuate or volatile?

Its like any other tradable things on earth. Based on Supply and Demand, If more people want to sell, the price will decrease. Bitcoin's value can be volatile when compared to more established currencies and commodities. This can be attributed to its relatively small market size, and it means that a smaller amount of money can move the RCS price more significantly. But thanks to RCS Eco Friendly system all market fluctuation are so small unlike other coins out there.

Is RCS secure?

Protocol and cipherology have a time-tested high level of security. The RCS team of developers also introduced additional protection of the account: Certified High Level security using Valid SSL certificates, and its main value added securities. RCS has its own alphabet that only the deepest web access can do which is it will took billions of years to just crack the unique alphabets that are loaded in each of the unique transactions made. However, the biggest vulnerability in this matter is the errors of the users themselves. Losses and / or disclosure of your Login, Password, private keys, and their accidental removal,buy or send can lead to a loss of your funds. Therefore, RCS strongly recommend providing a high level of protection for your private data storage. Because all transactions are irreversible if you did it wrong so study and think first before you click spacially the addresses, walletnames, transaction numbers and all important fields of digitize characters involving or connecting to your accounts. Avoid downloading virus files,malware or any ransomware that may ut your account at risk. Remember secure everything in your side as RCS secure your side too.

What happens if RCS wallet is lost?

When a user loses his RCS wallet or access to it, the held on the wallet are taken out of circulation. They remain in the chain of cipher plots or the Quantum Public Ledger, but cannot be returned to the user and cannot be used by anyone.

I want to know more. Where can I get help?

If you still have any questions, you can contact our online support thru our Official FB Page at facebook.com/rapidcoinspace

Only transact to your wallet dashboard dont ever send any fundings without official confirmation from your wallet example you must double check all address where you must deposit or be updated of the latest updates available. Ignorance is not a reason for any loss. You own your wallet you take care of it. You can simply read White Paper for more infos regarding RCS.