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Proof of FREE Space (POFS)

RapidCoinSpace uses an advanced quantum green algorithm to validate transactions. With the Quantum Cipher Currency Technology you just need free space on your device to be part of the network and mint your own coins. The hybrid quantum algorithm of RCS favors smaller miners by design and accesibility.

Quantum Hybrid Network

Sophisticated versatile and reliable underlying network for transactions is decentralizedof full nodes. Using RCS quantum hybrid network you are limitless to your access to bank funds and be a walking ATM machine. Set and Go process of RCS POFS gives you Freedom to live truly a Free world anytime anywhere. Proof of FREE Space is better distributed anywhere in the world building legacy. Time has shown that the way of mining RapidCoinSpace is decentralized and total anonymity by design. This quantum cipher currency is evenly distributed after few years of mining and trading.

How It Works?

A Cipher Currency that uses the unique powerful algorithm called Proof of FREE Space (POFS), which utilizes your unused hard disk drive space (USB,HDD,SD,Servers)instead of your processor or graphics card to mine RCS. Community Minters pre-generate individual chunks of data known as 'RCS quantum hybrid plots or RQHP' which are then saved to disk. This unique individual datas just proofs your Free Space and is never sent to anyone else. Traffic requirements for mining are therefore extremely low and even a grade school can mine their RCS Coins. Just imagine a world with all people have their own RCS in their hands because it is easy to possess it on. Simply Send and Receive anywhere in the world while giving our ecosystem a FREE Space to breath. This is our legacy, to have a better world a FREE Space to move in and live on.

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